Thông báo khoá học trực tuyến EU Research Proposal Writing Workshops at UNGA76 Science Summit

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Phòng Quan hệ đối ngoại trân trọng chuyển đến quý Thầy/Cô thông tin về khóa học trực tuyến EU Research Proposal Writing Workshops at UNGA76 Science Summit.
Thời gian diễn ra khóa học: 16/9/2021 và 23/9/2021
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How to Write a Competitive Proposal for EU Funding Programmes
UN Summit 16th and 23rd September 2021
Dr. Seán McCarthy Hyperion Ltd (

European Funding Programmes are one of the instruments used by the European Union to implement EU Policies. In the current funding period (2021-2027) there are over 30 funding programmes – and each of these is divided into sub-programmes.

This workshop will address the following

1. Overview of EU Funding Programmes
This module provides an overview of the funding programmes with particular focus on opportunities for International Cooperation.

2. Overview of Horizon Europe
A quick overview of Horizon Europe will be presented. This will identify opportunities for International organisations. This section will also demonstrate how the UN Sustainable Development are used to define research topics in Horizon Europe

3. Strategic Networking at a European Level
Projects funded in European programmes typically involve a consortium of partners. This section describes how a consortium is structured, the different roles in a consortium and opportunities for newcomers to participate in funded projects. The finals sections will provide advice on how to network strategically at a European level.

4. How Horizon Europe proposals are evaluated
In any funding programme it is critical to understand the evaluation process used. It is also important to understand the profile of the evaluators of proposals. The best way to understand this process is to become an evaluator. These issues will be presented in this section.

5. Guideline for Writing Horizon Europe proposals
Proposals are written to convince the evaluators on the merits of the ideas. This section describes how the evaluation process described in section 4 can be used as a template to screen and prepare competitive proposals.